14 Essential information Student visa You must have a valid student visa to study at the University of Auckland. Your visa must say you are studying at “Uni Akld” and include your correct programme of study. You must provide the University with a copy of your passport and visa when you first enrol AND whenever you renew your passport or obtain a new visa. This is a requirement of Immigration New Zealand, and also the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016. If you do not have a valid visa, or for questions about student visas, please see the staff at AskAuckland Central , or email us at . Student ID card A student ID card can only be issued after you have enrolled and have uploaded a photo to Student Services Online. Collect your student ID card from AskAuckland Central. You will need to provide: • A copy of the bio/data page in your passport (photo page). • A copy of your valid visa to study at the University of Auckland. Insurance The Education (Pastoral Care for International Students) Code of Practice 2016 requires all international students to have appropriate health and travel insurance during their period of study. Allianz Global Assistance NZ Ltd is our preferred insurance provider for international students. Enrolled international students will be charged Allianz’s Studentsafe Inbound University insurance premium when enrolment is completed. You must pay this fee unless the University approves the use of an alternative insurance provider. You must have approved insurance for the duration of your study, regardless of the type of visa you have. A student visa holder is also required to have approved health and travel insurance for the duration of their visa or until they depart New Zealand, whichever comes first. Pre-existing medical conditions You are not automatically covered for pre-existing medical conditions. However, cover can be arranged in certain circumstances on application to Allianz. For more information on the Studentsafe Inbound University policy, pre-existing and family packages, visit International Student Adviser - Insurance AskAuckland Central (Alfred Nathan House) Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 88694 Email: For all Studentsafe Inbound University insurance and claim related queries, call free from anywhere in the world for emergency medical and travel assistance or use one of the toll-free numbers: • Within New Zealand: 0800 486 004 or 09 488 1638 • Worldwide reverse charge: +64 9 486 6868 • Email: • Website: Please note your University of Auckland student ID number is also your insurance policy number. In addition to your insurance cover, the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) provides comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all New Zealand residents and visitors to New Zealand.