17 Examinations Examinations may be different from those you’ve experienced in other institutions. At the University of Auckland, examinations start during the week following the end of lectures, and end on the last day of semester. The examination timetable is published before the mid-semester break: • On the examinations website. • On Student Services Online (My timetables, grades and course history). • On the Student Portal at You must sit at the time and place scheduled for your examination. If you think you may have problems sitting your examinations at the scheduled time in Auckland, please contact the Examinations Office immediately. There are strict criteria for approving alternative arrangements. Find out more on the examinations website. Examination regulations and instructions will be sent to you in an email, and they are also available on the Examinations website. Read these carefully. Note that there are strict rules regarding electronic devices, mobile phones and presenting your student ID card. Penalties apply. Examination room allocation will be made available the night before the exam • Online at the Examinations website. • On noticeboards around the campus. • By text message (make sure your contact details on Student Services Online are up to date). Illness, injury or misfortune If you feel that personal circumstances have affected your exam preparation or your performance on the day of your examination, you can apply for aegrotat and compassionate consideration. If your preparation is affected, you must see a medical doctor or counsellor within the fortnight before the exam. If you are affected on the day of your exam (and possibly unable to sit it), it is vital you see a doctor on the day of the exam itself (even if the exam is on a Saturday). The University’s Health and Counselling Service provides this service. Please be aware there is no possibility of re-sitting an examination. Read the information available on the examinations website so that you understand the process of aegrotat and compassionate consideration. Examination dates 2018 Semester One Thursday 17 June - Monday 25 June Semester Two Thursday 25 October - Monday 12 November Graduation More than 10,000 students graduate from the University of Auckland each year. Once you have completed all the requirements for a degree or diploma you are eligible to graduate. You can graduate in person by attending the graduation ceremony or in absentia. Graduation is not an automatic process – you must apply to graduate using Student Services Online.