18 Graduation – In person If you wish to graduate in person, you may choose to attend one of the graduation events held in May and September each year. We guarantee three guest tickets to each student, so friends and family can share in your celebrations. If you (or your family) are attending from overseas, we suggest you book flights after you have successfully applied to graduate. If you wish to graduate in person but cannot attend your ceremony, you may choose to defer your application and graduate in the next graduation event. Graduation – In absentia If you wish to graduate but do not wish to attend a ceremony, you may graduate in absentia. Certificates are sent out approximately three weeks after the ceremony either by courier or standard mail (within New Zealand only). If you have any queries, please visit our website or contact the Graduation Office directly. Email: Alumni Relations Office When you graduate from the University of Auckland you automatically become one of our alumni. The word “alumni” comes from the Latin verb “alere” and literally means “nourished ones”. We currently have over 172,000 alumni living both in New Zealand and overseas. Our aim is to develop a vibrant, global alumni community. To be a part of this community, be sure to stay in touch with us by keeping your contact details up to date on our website. If we have your details, you’ll receive our alumni magazine and monthly e-newsletter featuring the latest university news, alumni profiles, discounts, and special offers including invitations to events and networking opportunities with fellow alumni in New Zealand and all over the world. Our international alumni often tell us that one of their key advantages in the job market is the international network of friends and contacts they develop during their time at the University. You can continue to grow these networks after you graduate. Visit our website to find out more about our international alumni contacts in various cities across the globe. Wherever you are in the world, please stay in touch. As you progress in your life and career, we want to share and celebrate your successes. Alumni Relations Office University House 19A Princes Street Phone: +64 9 923 4653