28 For information about great things to do in Auckland, visit: For information on living in Auckland, visit: Cost of living Below are some of the costs you can expect to pay on a weekly basis, per person, per week, living in rented accommodation in Auckland. Please note that these costs are approximate, as at 1 August 2017 . All prices are quoted in NZD. The necessities per week in NZ$ Accommodation (per bedroom – including remainder of the house/flat/ apartment shared between flatmates) (For private studio, rent would start at $360 per week) 195-360 Power (and maybe gas) Based on a 1/3rd share of a three bedroom apartment, with an average monthly power account of $260. Note this is averaged on higher use in winter, lower in summer 20 Phone and internet Based on a 1/3rd share of a 3 bedroom apartment, with internet access (30GB) 10 Mobile phone Calls, text and data 8 Insurance Based on insuring household items 8 Food Food, drink, cleaning items, shared or bought separately in a three-bedroom flat 120 Total $361-$526 The non-essentials per week in NZ$ Transport One zone return, 5 days per week 35 cash (13.30 with student discount) Entertainment Dinner out/movie/sports event per week. 55 Remember to also take into account the cost of buying text books, clothing, medicine, beauty products and going on holidays. To compare with the cost of items in your own country, you can convert these prices on Full-time tertiary students are eligible to receive up to a 40% discount on travel when using an AT HOP card. You will need an AT sticker for your student ID card which you can collect from AskAuckland Central. Download the AT Mobile to help you plan your journeys. Cars Carparks within Auckland’s Central Business District (CBD) are expensive, costing from $10-20 per day. University parking is available underneath the Owen G Glenn building, 12 Grafton Road.