31 Personal safety Essential safety advice New Zealand is generally regarded as a very safe place. However, as in all big cities, it is sensible to take precautions to protect your personal safety: • Do not walk home alone late at night; take a taxi. If you are walking, go in a group and keep to well-lit streets. • Be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Do not listen to loud music; do not walk while sending text messages, or talking on your mobile phone. • Do not carry large amounts of cash. If you must carry valuables, keep them hidden from view. • Protect your mobile phone. Register your phone with your network provider and if it is stolen ask them to block the SIM card immediately. • Take care when using cash machines late at night. Do not walk away from the machine with your cash in full view. • Never keep your PIN number with your cash card. • Keep your home secure by locking all windows and doors. Leave some lights on while you are out. • Get property insurance so that you can replace your property in case of theft. • Back up work on your computer regularly (external hard drives, cloud services) so you do not lose vital work if your computer is stolen. • If your credit or cash cards are stolen inform the card provider immediately. Do not wait until you get home. What to do in an emergency If you need to call for the police, fire rescue or an ambulance dial 111. It is free to dial 111 from your mobile or from a landline. The emergency operator will ask whether you need the police, fire or ambulance. Only use the 111 number when a crime is actually being committed, or if life is at risk. For non- emergency calls to the police (for example, when a burglary has already taken place and the burglars are no longer on the scene), call Auckland Central Police on +64 9 302 6400 . You can also go to the central city police station located on the corner of Cook and Vincent Streets, or phone your local police station. If the emergency is not urgent enough to call 111, and takes place on the University campus you can telephone University Security (see pg. 16). For traffic information and incidents that are not emergencies, dial *555. People with impaired hearing can dial 0800 16 16 16 (text phone only) or fax 0800 16 16 10. For pedestrian and bicycle safety visit: