33 Time difference New Zealand is one of the first places in the world to see the new day, 12 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Drinking water New Zealand cities and towns have excellent water supplies and in all cases tap water is fresh and safe to drink. Water from rivers and lakes should be boiled, chemically treated or filtered before drinking to avoid stomach upsets. Climate The north of New Zealand is subtropical, while the south is more temperate. The warmest months are January to March and the coldest are July to September. In summer, the average maximum temperature ranges between 20-30ºC and in winter between 10-15ºC. Average daily temperature (high/low) Temp (ºC) Temp (ºF) Rain days/ month Spring 18/11 65/52 12 Summer 24/12 75/54 8 Autumn 20/13 68/55 11 Winter 15/9 59/48 15 The weather in Auckland is somewhat changeable so be prepared. Proof of age – The Hospitality NZ 18+ card The Hospitality NZ 18+ card is useful whenever you need to prove your age, such as when buying alcohol. You should obtain one if you do not have a New Zealand driver’s licence and do not wish to carry your passport with you. The Hospitality NZ 18+ card costs $45. You will need to provide a recent photo of yourself along with your passport. You can apply for a card at most New Zealand Post Shops. Banking New Zealand has a very modern banking system and almost everybody has a bank account. It is the safest, most convenient way to manage your money. Having a bank account will make day-to-day life in New Zealand much easier. There are a number of banks to choose from including Kiwibank, ASB, BNZ, ANZ, Westpac and TSB Bank. ANZ and ASB each have a branch at the City Campus. Your rights New Zealand is a modern democratic country in which human rights are protected. It is illegal to discriminate on grounds such as gender, race, religion or ethnicity. Complaints about discrimination should be made to the Human Rights Commission. Newcomers to New Zealand have the same rights and obligations under New Zealand law as any other person living here. It is against the law for anyone to