11 Cost of living You’ll need to think carefully about the amount of money you will need while you’re studying. Remember, your daily cost of living is in addition to your tuition fees. You can expect to pay approximately $25,000 per year on living costs in Auckland, even with careful budgeting. These costs are much higher for families. Below is a sample weekly budget based on one person renting a bedroom in a shared flat and splitting utility costs. For a private studio, rent would start at $360 per week. Please note that these costs are approximate. Sample weekly budget Rent $210-300 Power $20 Internet $10 Mobile Phone $10 Groceries $120 Transport $30 Entertainment $50 TOTAL $450-540 Your weekly budget will vary depending on what type of accommodation you live in and how far you need to travel each day, as well as your day-to-day spending habits. Don’t forget that you will also face periodic expenses throughout the year in addition to your weekly expenses. These may include course-related costs like textbooks and printing, personal travel, clothing, haircuts, gym memberships, and emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. For up-to-date information about New Zealand living costs, check out the cost of living calculator f rom New Zealand N ow . Basic grocery costs Milk (1 litre) $2.69 Butter (500gm) $5.89 Cheese (500gm) $7.99 Eggs (1 doz) $4.49 Toilet Paper (12 pack) $4.00 Soap (1 bar) $1.50 Teabags (100 pack) $5.49 Bread (grain toast) $2.99 Sugar (500gm) $1.99 Laundry powder (1kg) $4.50 Dishwashing powder (1kg) $7.99 Instant coffee (90gm) $3.00 Coke (1.5 litre) $3.39 Bottled water (750ml) $1.99 Energy drink (250ml) $2.49 Peanut butter (500gm) $4.70 Marmite (250gm) $3.99 Cereal (750gm) $5.99 Rice (500gm) $1.69 Pasta (500gm) $1.05 Bottle wine (750ml) $9-18 Beer (12 pack) $20