7 Insurance The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice requires all international students to have appropriate health and travel insurance during their period of study. The Studentsafe Inbound University policy from Allianz Global Assistance NZ Ltd. is our preferred insurance policy for international students. All enrolled international students will automatically be charged the Studentsafe Inbound University insurance premium. Insurance is compulsory and you must pay this fee unless the University approves the use of an alternative insurance provider. You must have approved insurance for the duration of your study, regardless of the type of visa you have. Please review th e University of Auckland website for further information. Pre-existing medical conditions You are not automatically covered for pre-existing medical conditions. However, in certain circumstances cover may be considered. If you have a pre-existing condition or have had a medical procedure in the past, we recommend you submit a medical risk assessment form . For more information, contact our International Student Insurance Adviser at . Insurance waivers If you already have an insurance policy that is compliant with the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice, you can apply for an insurance waiver . Your alternative insurance policy must be on our list of compliant policies and cover you for the length of your visa in order to be approved. Insurance waivers are due by the second Friday of each semester, quarter, or programme start date. Family insurance You can add your family to your Studentsafe Inbound University insurance policy. The appropriate premium will then be added to your tuition account and will appear on your fees statement. Complete the family member application by the second Friday of each semester, quarter, or programme start date, and upload it to our online form . Premiums FULL YEAR ONE SEMESTER SUMMER SCHOOL or QUARTER TERM Student $620 $310 $155 Couple OR student w/child $1,240 $650 $310 Couple w/child(ren) $1,550 $775 $387.50 University Health and Counselling Studentsafe Inbound University policy holders are able to use University Health and Counselling for all compliant health and counselling services. Please refer to the policy wording for terms and conditions. Any consultation covered by the Studentsafe Inbound University policy will be billed directly to the insurance provider with no charge to the student. City Campus Pharmacy and Grafton Pharmacy directly bill the insurance company for medication prescribed to Studensafe Inbound University policy holders by doctors from University Health and Counselling. There is no charge to the student for prescriptions covered by the policy.